A Little About Tim

Growing up and living his whole life in a small farming area near Flatwoods West Virginia, Tim loves the simple life of the country.  He also loves to travel and has done so with different types of businesses over the years, however, when finished with work,  he is always ready to go home.  A graduate of Glenville State College in marketing, Tim has been self employed either part time or full time his entire adult life.  He found central West Virginia the ideal place to raise a family and has four children and two grandchildren that all still live in the area.

Tim believes that he was inspired to take up writing, even though he admits that it was a little uncomfortable at first.  He just started writing, and now has become passionate about his newest calling and is looking forward to writing his next book.  Tim loves his locate church, Shiloh Fellowship, where he gets the honor of teaching the youth.   He is also a big sports fan and really enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

My newest book, Greatest Summer Ever, is a collection of adventures a 10 year old farm boy discovered during his summer break, in the late 1960's.   As Tommy tells you about his summer, he also shares his thoughts that will take him down a path to a wonderful conclusion to this uplifting book.

My book, The Janitor is easy to read, even for those that don’t read much.  It’s fast paced enough to keep people that don’t like to read, wanting to start the next chapter.  It’s a simple fiction book with a slant toward the Christian side, but don’t let that fool you, as most everybody will identify with the books characters.  The story is set in a small town, much like many in central West Virginia, and follows a small town preacher and some of his colorful members.