And still talking about "The Janitor"

They are saying about:     Greatest Summer Ever

“Anyone could understand this book. It was awesome. The ending was amazing. I had a good time reading it. It made me want to know what happened next. The book is perfect.”
Kadie 12 years old

“I liked it all. It really went well together, and made sense. You know how some books don’t. I liked the end the best, how he ....” “Wouldn’t change anything.” Hannah - 14 years old.

“A book should make you laugh, make you cry; it should make you feel happy and sad. You want to keep reading to see what happens next. This book does all of this. “ Janet - Lewis County, WV

“Made me feel like a kid again! When times were simple and kids were kids. Loved it!”
Pam - Morgantown, WV

Enjoyed going back in time and being reminded once again of the slower paced lifestyle we have sacrificed. A fun easy read, giving a copy to my 12 year old grandson.                             Tom, Rocky Mount, Virginia

If you have not purchased this book you are missing out on a great read. I loved it and I'm sure anyone who has read it did too.   Mary Ann,  Sutton WV

Recently, my friend Tim Cogar, asked me to read his book and share my thoughts about it. I must say "The Janitor" is one of the easiest reads and practical books I have read recently.

I have served as Pastor for over 30 years. Each chapter of this book deals with everyday situations that I have encountered in pastoral work. Many of these situations are "sticky" and "controversial" yet very real and as such can not be ignored but must be dealt with in truth and the love of God.

Each chapter dealt with a different fictional character and a real life situation. However, as I read each chapter, I was putting the names of real people that I know, and have had to deal with over the years. This book is "real" and I encourage everyone to read it.

All believers are called to minister to those that God places in our lives. I know that Tim's goal is that this book be used as a tool to minister to others. We all need a "Janitor" like this in our lives, because everyone one of us will be able to place a name we know with each chapter.

Bryan Groves
Pastor - Sand Fork Church of God

Finished, The Janitor.  Good read!  It reveals that God has a grand plan for each of us and how wonderfully it develops!        Tom Fore,  Rocky Mount VA

"I finished reading Tim Cogar's new book, the Janitor ... I couldn't put it down. I loved it Tim, TRUTH!!! If you haven't read it yet, call, text, message him, and get your copy. You won't be disappointed. (Very well written, you feel like you are there, apart of what's going on in the story. )            Donna, Heaters WV

"Finished the book. I felt I knew each character personally. As someone who has been a church employee, it touched my heart. I love it."                Scott, Shinnston WV

Finished your book Tim...I really appreciated it and was inspired by it. God loves all and cares how one lives their life. A good minister makes a lot of difference. Nice job! 

Becky, Bridgeport WV

I enjoyed your book immensely and was excited to see what each chapter held.  I think it is a good novel that a Christian reader would enjoy and benefit from.  However, I feel that there is a higher calling.  I think that it would make a wonderful group Bible study.

Pamela, Clermont, FL