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Send me $ 10.00 and I'll send you a "signed" copy of The Janitor.  It's just that simple.

For Paperback:

Mail check to: ------------------- $ 9.99 Book

Tim Cogar Books -------------------.60 Tax

1750 Stone Run Rd. --------------- 4.00 Shipping

Flatwoods WV 26621 -----------$ 14.59 Total

* Don't forget your shipping address *

For an Ebook copy, go to: Amazon.com

​ Find paperback copies in these stores.

Lloyds Hardware,  I 79 Exit 67, Flatwoods

Gil Co Faith Pharmacy, Glenville, WV

Jackson's Meat Market, Summersville, WV


Days Inn & Suites Gift Shop, Flatwoods WV


The Christian Book Store of Beckley, Inc.


Southside Depot, Petersburg, WV